Protect Yourself Against Major Bills

Protect Yourself Against Major Bills

We offer commercial and general liability insurance in Bozeman, MT

As a business, you could be liable for health bills or repairs if something happens at your establishment. In the same way, you could be on the hook for the same kind of bills if someone is hurt at your home. Big Sky Insurance Lanphear Agency can provide you with insurance coverage to protect you from major bills.

We offer general liability insurance for individuals as well as commercial insurance for businesses in Bozeman, MT. We can find the best rates and highest quality coverage so you can rest easy knowing you're financially secure.

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We offer two major types of liability insurance

General liability insurance is a great option for individuals, while commercial insurance is essential for any business owner. Both coverages perform the same function but for different locations. General liability tends to cover an individual if someone is hurt on their property. Commercial liability provides the same coverage for those visiting a business.

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